Questions about our Assisted Living home

Q. I’m in the healthcare profession. Can you keep me informed about your bed availability?

A. Yes, you can subscribe to our Bed Availability Report. Click to our Contact page and request it.

Q. Do you provide transportation, e.g. to a medical center or to the shops?

A. Yes, we can arrange transportation to facilities and programs.

Q. What happens if there’s an emergency?

A. We keep contact information on file. A licensed nurse is on call 24/7. We’ll call 911, if necessary and will then call the contacts to discuss the situation and to keep them informed. We have an emergency plan for coping with fire, hurricanes and other problems.

Q. How many residents are there?

A. The exact number fluctuates over time and by which facility, but the larger home in Oak Forest can provide for a maximum of nine residents at a time.

Q. Can you prepare meals for residents with special dietary needs, e.g. vegetarian?

A. Yes. We will discuss dietary requirements with you and the resident.

Q. Do you accept people with mental illness?

A. Yes. We have a home dedicated to the needs of residents with mental illness.

Q. My loved one is very forgetful. Can you take care of petty cash on behalf of them?

A. Yes. We keep a ledger and receipts for purchases. You can provide some cash in advance and set a budget for your loved one, e.g. for personal magazines, hairdressing, cosmetics and other toiletries.

Q. Do you allow smoking in the house?

A. No, smoking within the facility is illegal. It’s strongly discouraged but smoking outdoors is not a problem.

Q. Do you allow pets in the house?

A. Pets have been proven to be good for the general well-being of elderly and mentally ill people. We consider each case carefully.

Q. What are your visiting hours?

A. In general, for the comfort of the residents, we’d prefer visitors to come between the hours of 8am and 8pm, but there are no set hours for family members.

Q. How far are you from my house/location?

A. Our homes are located in the Spring Branch and Oak Forest neighborhoods. For specific directions, please contact us at 713-467-4444. / 713-467-4444 / license #030294 & 010372